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Thursday Fundraising Evenings

Every Thursday evening we offer Cwtch Ceramics to local clubs, groups, chariti​es or organisations to help with fundraising.

Promote your evening event and invite your guests.

We will donate 10% of all money taken in our till on the evening to your cause .

Coffee Mornings

Book your fundraiser coffee morning or bake event and hold it at Cwtch Ceramics

School holiday Clubs and after school clubs

We have a variety of activities available if you would like to arrange a group visit

Nurseries/Toddler Groups

Nurseries/Toddler Groups

We can arrange to come to your gro​up to print each Childs hands and Foot prints onto Pottery, into clay

We have had great success helping with fundraising, creating special Fathers/Mothers Day presents and Christmas Gifts.

All the paints are non toxic and can be used on new born babies. Prices start from £8.00.

Suitable for:

New Mothers

Fathers Day Presents

Mothers Day Presents

Christmas Gifts

End of Term Presents